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Totetsu Mfg. Co., Ltd. Furnishes on Rainwater Storage and Use System of small 100m3 at town to large 50,000,000m3 Suburb. We are the system engineering and manufacturing company of the on-site and distributed rainwater storage system

About Company

Save Water In The Right Manner, Choose Us For Developing Robust Rainwater Storage Systems.

About Us
Water is indispensable, saving which is our responsibility. Totetsu Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 1919. We are a century old manufacturer, exporter, system and technology supplier of Rainwater Storage Systems. Our unique system, Totetsu "Universal Rainwater Storage System" is applicable to Distributed Rainwater Storage System, and On Site Rain Water Storage System. These efficient water storing systems are developed on-site with expert surveillance.

Engineers having complete know-how of the storage systems work on designing storage systems, above ground, underground and semi-ground.
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Our Rainwater Storage System are highly talked about topic in the industry because of their construction, durability and many other quality features.
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Our Experts, Our Strength

In this industry, we are growing at a great pace with the support of our talented experts.

Our Values

As we are growing, we are facing new challenges but doing great business based on our values of honesty, integrity and perseverance.
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Our products that find their extensive use in commercial as well as residential areas are widely appreciated in the market.
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Twenty years of Longstanding Experience

We feel extremely proud in stating that we are the century long company and have been engaged in the sector of water harvesting with 20 years longstanding experience

Why Trust Us For Developing Rainwater Storage Systems?

Totetsu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a 100 years old, most experienced and widely appreciated manufacturing company of water storage systems.
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